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Sunday, April 17, 2005


“Dad! I really like that singer, “Ciara”. She sings pretty well, but they say that she is transsexual? What does that mean?”
“Transexuals are people who desire to have their sexual anatomy altered because it is in conflict with their gender identity.”
“You use too many big words. Simple English please.”
“Well, it means a person who experiences a mismatch of the sex they were born as and the sex they identify as. A "woman trapped in a man's body" is a classic description. Sometimes they seek to have their sex changed opposite to their birth sex.”
“That is too complicated. I don't know if Ciara is a “He” or a “She?” If she is a man, then she is a pretty man. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, she is a “girlie-man”.
“I guess, these are two different things. He used that term to blast the liberals for their pessimism on economic issues.”
“What... ? I think I’ll go do my homework.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your entries. Every time i read them, i end up in tears from laughing. Keep it up.


8:14 PM  

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