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Friday, April 29, 2005


“It is time to sleep. It is already past eleven.”
“I do not have school tomorrow. Can I sleep later?”
“No! It is way past your bedtime.”
“Could I finish watching this program, it’s my favorite TV program?”
“No! Turn off the TV and get in the bed.”
“Can I read a book, then?”
“Too late for that."
"No time for bedtime stories, either, I guess?"
"Don’t you understand that it is time to sleep and that usually means an end to all activities? Turn off the lights right now.”
“Touchy, touchy. You don’t have to be that bossy. Does it ever occur to you that I might have insomnia?”
“Be quiet. Get in the bed right now and take off your glasses before you go to sleep.”
“Can I keep them on? I want to have clear dreams.”


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