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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Culinary skills

“Good food. Dad, your cooking has improved a lot.”
“Thanks. It takes time to develop culinary skills. It was not like that in my earlier years.”
“How was it, then?"
“Two words: Quick and dirty. During the student years, you firmly believe that cooking anything longer than five minutes is a complete waste of time.”
“So what would you do to save time?”
“I tried microwaving an egg once.”
“Did it work?”
“Time wise? No, it did not work out that well. The egg was splattered all over, and cleaning up the resultant mess took an hour."
“What else did you try?”
“I would eat a frozen pizza without really bothering to warm it up and for the first few times that I cooked, I nearly always had to vacate the building along with all the other residents."
"Why the evacuation?"
"You don't expect me to remain in a building that is full of smoke. Do you?"


Anonymous Shuaib said...

Here in sharing accommodation I have to wash plates and clean the kitchen, because I don't know cocking.

12:35 PM  
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